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Visual Merchandising Packages

Visual Merchandising Packages

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Do you have a beautiful range of products but no idea how to display them?
Maybe you have too many products for the space and need someone with magic skills to fit them all in?
Or you would like suggestions on how to upgrade your space?

Emily has years of experience in Visual Merchandising from working in stationary stores, to clothing stores and homeware stores and now in small boutiques.

Northcott and Co have created a range of packages suitable for all budgets and all types of Visual Merchandising.

Packages and whats included:

- A Social Visual Merchandiser 
Do you need some advice, a sounding board or ideas on where to start?
Book a social VM hour with Emily. Choose between a video or voice call to start your consultation and get your foot in the right door.

- Market Visual Merchandiser
Are you setting up for markets and need to know what displays/stands ect to purchase or how to create the most engaging space for your customers so they stop to browse and buy?
This is for you! We will come to you, brainstorm with you and create a mock up with you so that you know exactly what to do on the day!
Please have your space planned out with tables/stands so that we can make the most of our time together. Minimum 1 hour workshop
* Please note a travel fee may apply

- Small/Large Store Visual Merchandsing Action Plan
Do you like doing the VM of your shop front but feel overwhelmed by the choices and the amount of products that need homes?
We can create an action plan for you, otherwise known as a planogram, so that you can simply place the products in their new home.
We will be required to visit onsite, talk through your thoughts and wishes for the store and then create a planogram for you to action.
*Please note a travel fee may apply

- Instore Visual Merchandising
Do you want to delegate that task that takes all your time? 
Here's the thing, Emily loves Visual Merchandising so you can leave all the time consuming work to her.
We will be onsite for you to utilise our VM skills and create a magical shopping experience for you and your customers.
Emily will ask you lots of questions like - how do your customers walk through your store? Or what are your best sellers? 
We also know how big of a task Visual Merchandising an entire store can be so we will work as fast as our little feet and hands will let us.
Small store suggested 2 - 4 visits (approx 2-4 hrs a visit).
Large store suggested 4 - 6 visits (approx 3-6 hrs a visit).
*Please note a travel fee may apply

Common Questions - 

Q - Do you have payment plans available?
A - Yes! Please send me an email and we can work out a weekly or fortnightly plan for you.

Q - Can I add on to my package? Will this be discounted?
A - Yes you can add to your package and they will be discounted. We are happy to create a personalised bundle specific for you and your business. 

Q - What's needed from me?
A - We will send you a questionaire to help with our planning prior to arrival. We ask that you fill it out and return it promptly.

Q - Is it easy to contact you if I need something?
A - Very easy. Once you are on board you will have access to message or call on instagram, email, or even send through a text. I am that organised person who doesn't like a notification to sit there long, so don't stress, I will get back to you asap!

Branding shoot (First photo) completed by Visual Co

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