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Assistant For The Day

Assistant For The Day

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Do you have a whole bunch of tasks just sitting waiting for you?

Does your backroom need reshuffling or tidying or to be organised?

Do you need someone to unpack your overflowing stock?

I have an offer you won’t be able to resist! Hire Emily as your ‘assistant’ for the day!

Theres no lock in contract, no ongoing payments to be made, just the day with an extra pair of hands to complete everything on your to do list!

*Please note - this does not include serving customers or general cleaning. 

How it works-

Purchase your service.
Discuss with us an available date and book in. 
We will come to you for approximately 4-5 hours. We can attend to anything you have on your to do list!

Common Questions - 

Q - What can I use you for?
A - Here's a few things we can help you with; packing orders, being your personal assistant, brainstorming, content creation ideas/tips and tricks, tips and tricks of instagram and so much more

Q - Do you have payment plans available?
A - Yes! Please send me an email and we can work out a weekly or fortnightly plan for you.

Q - Can I add on to my package? Will this be discounted?
A - Yes you can add to your package and they will be discounted. We are happy to create a personalised bundle specific for you and your business. 

Q - Is it easy to contact you if I need something?
A - Very easy. Once you are on board you will have access to message or call on instagram, email, or even send through a text. I am that organised person who doesn't like a notification to sit there long, so don't stress, I will get back to you asap!

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