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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

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We all know how time consuming social media can be.
We all know how overwhelming needing to do ALL of the things on ALL of the platforms can be!
We all know that social media is a key tool in making your business Bloom.

We have your back and can do it all for you!

Our Social Media Management package includes
- Posting 3-5 in feed posts/reels (Monday to Friday) with a caption and hashtags per post
- Minimum of 1 story per day
- Engaging and responding to the comments on said posts
- Planning the feed to produce an aesthetically pleasing feed that showcases all your products or services 
- Monthly account overview

Book now and let us make your social media Flourish!

Need a little more convincing heres a few more details for you;

Price - We know it sounds like a lot when you are working out where to start outsourcing. Here is an example break down for you. 
1 month of social media management with 3 posts a week is $480 per month.
Thats $120 a week.
This includes;
- 3 week day posts between Monday to Friday (each with a caption, hastags, account or product tags within photos/reels, engagement on said post)
- Minimum of 7 stories (one per day)
- A monthly plan on Google documents that you have access to see whats happening
- A monthly overview provided at the end of each month

Common Questions - 

Q - Can we add our own posts too?
A - Yes! I am an open book with great communication skills, you have access to the Google document and can see when I am posting. If you would like to post on a whim, you can just send me a message and we can reconfigure what we have planned. Please try to give as much notice as possible. I am there to make it as easy as possible for you.

Q - Do you have payment plans available?
A - Yes! Please send me an email and we can work out a weekly or fortnightly plan for you.

Q - Can I add on to my package? Will this be discounted?
A - Yes you can add to your package and they will be discounted. We are happy to create a personalised bundle specific for you and your business. 

Q - What apps do you use?
A - Social Media Management can require a few apps. I like to try and do it all through Google documents as I can have one document with photos, captions and everything else needed. I sometimes will also use planoly to curate a feed (Not to schedule). Canva and photoshop to create graphics. Meta Business to schedule some posts, not all as I like to be active when its posted.

Q - What's needed from me?
A - Great question! I need access to your content. This can be in a google folder (I can give you access to one if you need), drop box, via email or what ever is easiest for you. I need access to your meta business suite, and your account of choice that I am managing for you.

Q - Is it easy to contact you if I need something?
A - Very easy. Once you are on board you will have access to message or call on instagram, email, or even send through a text. I am that organised person who doesn't like a notification to sit there long, so don't stress, I will get back to you asap!

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