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Organisation Mentorship

Organisation Mentorship

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Do you struggle with organisation?
Maybe you need someone to keep you accountable and help you thrive?

Join our Organisation Mentorship and say goodbye to chaos!

With exclusive tips, tricks and proven formula's (complete with all my secrets) I will transform your to do list into an achievable schedule. Not only will you be saying goodbye to chaos but also to overwhelm as we implement time blocking strategies.

It doesn't end there, I will also educate and empower you with the skills to maintain this newfound organisation independently. Together we will implement effective routines, efficient habits and reduce stress by addressing all the pain points in your busy schedules.

My goal is to guide you, encourage you and instil the confidence you need to take control within a month, watching you flourish. However, don't stress, I will be here every step of the way and can step in whenever you need assistance.

The monthly mentorship includes:
- Two Phone or Video calls (start and end of the month)
- A google form to outline all your tasks, to help personalise my support
- Detailed breakdowns of weekly and daily tasks, strategically time blocked for the most efficient results.
- Regular check ins and adjustments to ensure your success

Are you ready to reclaim your life and reduce your stress?
Lets start on this journey together and watch you bloom.

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